Private Cloud Solutions.

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud Solutions provide proven IT solutions without the risks of the Public Cloud.

  • Data Center Solutions
  • High Availability Options: Servers, Backup Systems, switches and routers
  • Virtualization
  • LAN / WAN / WiFi Wireless and VPN integration
  • Email and messaging solutions
  • VOIP IP Phone solutions
  • Secure Remote Desktop

Why Private Cloud makes sense for you.

Achieve the business advantages of maximum performance, proven solutions, security and hands-on control of the Private Cloud. Avoid the dangers of the failure prone, unreliable Internet and unknown privacy for your critical data by implementing Sherpa Private Cloud Solutions. For a single small office or a widespread global workforce, building a successful organization requires a foundation of critical resources.

Benefits of Sherpa Technologies Private Cloud

Reduce Business Risks:

  • Avoid start-up Public Cloud business risks
  • 69% of Public Cloud service providers surveyed in a Ponemon Institute study didn't believe security was their responsibility (Download eWeek News Article). You need to make sure you are secure
  • Lethal threats and exposure services like WikiLeaks target the large, shared data hosts

Sherpa Technologies Experience:

  • Experienced Cisco Tech Support
  • Experienced HP Tech Support
  • Experienced VMWare Tech Support
  • Experienced Symantec Tech Support
  • Experienced Microsoft Tech Support

Single partner cloud solutions for all your business needs today and tomorrow.

Remote Desktop Services using Remote Desktop programs provides Secure Remote Desktop over the Internet to your mobile workforce.

Featured Partner:

  • microsoft
  • hp
  • cisco
  • symantec
  • vmware
  • acronis
  • barracuda
  • check point
  • websense


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